Fire Protection Consulting Dallas

GFS Texas provides a wide array of fee based fire protection consulting services in Dallas, Texas and surrounding Counties for commercial building owners and management companies.
Our professional fire protection project management consulting will assist your company from start to finish throughout the process of construction to ensure cost efficiency and fire safety code compliant on all State and Federal regulations.
We provide complete comprehensive analysis of structure, commodity classification, storage arrangements, production of hydraulic calculations, production of working plans, procurement of material and installation.
Our fire protection consulting services are available in the entire Dallas / Fort Worth Texas Region, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Waco, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, New Mexico, Colorado, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas and the Country of Mexico.


Fire Protection Consulting Proposals will consist of one or more of the following

  • Evaluation of existing water supply and consultation with local water authorities to meet applicable codes
  • Testing and inspection of existing underground piping systems
  • Testing and inspection of existing overhead systems for code compliance and system integrity
  • Analysis and testing of water for MIC
  • Analysis of existing structure and contents to determine what type of system may be required
  • Hydraulic analysis of existing systems to verify design densities
  • Review and hydraulic analysis of existing systems to verify design densities if backflow prevention devices need to be added
  • Production of hydraulic calculation placards which may be missing from existing systems
  • Survey of facilities to determine types of hazards and commodity classifications
  • Review and classification of MSDS sheets for system analysis
  • Review of commodity classification and storage arrangements of materials or combustible/flammable liquids
  • Survey and design of existing facilities for production of drawings
  • Production of documents for specifications and system layout for bid purposes
  • Consultation with the Authority Having Jurisdiction and or Insurance Companies
  • Life Safety Code Analysis
  • Project management